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Product quality credit self commitment

Product quality credit self commitment

In order to build the social environment of "quality first, reform and innovation, honesty and trustworthiness" and to provide better products and services for the society, our company solemnly promises to the society:
First, strictly abide by the product quality law, set up the management concept of "quality first and honesty first", continuously enhance the sense of quality and social responsibility, improve the level of quality management, and speed up the innovation of quality and technology.
Two, we should strengthen the whole staff, the whole process and the all-around quality management, carry out the advanced quality management methods, improve the metrology, standardization and quality assurance system, and strictly control the quality of raw materials into factories, production processes, products, factories and sales.
Three: to lay a solid foundation for the quality of the product, to develop the target market and to improve the customer satisfaction. To establish and maintain a good image of famous brand products with excellent products, high quality service and high market occupancy.
The group strictly fulfil the above commitments, and plead the whole society to pay attention and supervision to us!
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August 2017